The Hackathon Calendar

Hello! I'm Tom Hewett, a programmer based in Portsmouth UK.

I help run an annual hackathon called Hack Pompey and recently came to the realisation that I hadn’t been to a hackathon myself as an attendee since 2017! That can’t be good for me nor Hack Pompey.

So I decided to look for a hackathon to go to...

Turns out, it's not super easy to find good general hackathons like Hack Pompey; most of them are technology specific hackathons (not necessarily a bad thing, though at one point there may have been one too many blockchain hackathons) or they are really just conference and networking events where the organisers have liberally used the word hackathon because I guess it sounds marginally cooler than a seminar?

Anyway, I cracked my knuckles and decided that there should be a dedicated place on the internet for people that enjoy hackathons to find them easily, and here it is!

It's very basic at the moment I know, but come on, we are talking hackathons here...